The definition of Tactical Medicine

Tactical medicine refers to the medical practices and techniques used in high-stakes, high-stress environments, such as military and law enforcement operations. It focuses on providing immediate and effective medical care in hostile or dangerous situations, where traditional medical resources may not be readily available. This field encompasses the principles of combat trauma medicine, wilderness medicine, and emergency medical services (EMS) and involves the use of specialized equipment, techniques, and procedures to provide life-saving care to injured individuals in a tactical environment.

Our Instructors


Consultant Trauma Orthopedics
TECC, PHTLS national Medical Director.
Member of the ATLS Promulgation Comittee
Extensive trauma experience from Denmark and abroad.
Military Surgeon


Consultant Anaestetist
HEMS Doctor
LEO-Doc Experience


HEMS Paramedic/Rescue tech.

Former Special Operations Combat Rescue Tech. TCCC/TECC/PHTLS Instructor.


Police officer

Former Special Operations Combat Rescue Tech. Close Protection Officer